“Waiving” Goodbye to Medicaid as We Know It: Modern State Attempts to Transform Medicaid Programs Through Section 1115 Waivers

This Note explores recent state efforts to reshape their respective Medicaid programs through Section 1115 waivers. Specifically, this Note looks at states that wish to convert their Medicaid program to a block grant through Section 1115 waivers. Examining the lawfulness of these waivers requires analyzing the language and application of both the Medicaid Act and […]

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The Pandemic Juror

While the deadly and highly contagious COVID-19 virus lingers and spreads across the country, courts are resuming criminal jury trials. In moving forward, judges reference case backlogs, speedy trial rights, and other concerns for the rights of the accused. Overlooked in this calculus is the importance of jurors and their safety. The Sixth Amendment guarantees […]

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A Name Change May Be a Start, but It Is Not Enough

On August 9, 1865, just five days after Lee was installed as Washington College President,10 my third great-grandparents Robert and Emeline Parker signed their first labor contract as free people. Their written mark was recorded on an agreement to work on the same Mississippi plantation they were sold to by the school. That contract signifies […]

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