Disentangling Choice of Law for Torts and Contracts

In a federal system with state lines that are easily crossed, physically and electronically, legal disputes often raise choice-of- law issues. Common among those disputes are torts and contracts cases. The courts have taken a variety of approaches to these cases, leading to inconsistent results that depend largely on which forum the plaintiff selects. Judicial […]

Keep on Truckin’, Uber: Using the Dormant Commerce Clause to Challenge Regulatory Roadblocks to TNCs

We are witnessing a revolution in the way we get around, if only we glance up from our phones. “Techies” and suit-clad professionals alike use their phones to request rides from tuxedo-attired professional chauffeurs in luxury vehicles, as well as from part-time nonprofessionals using their “daily-driver” to make some extra cash. It is indisputable that […]

Raze the Debt Ceiling: A Test Case for State-Sovereign and Institutional Bondholder Litigation to Void the Debt Limit Statute

In March 2015, the debt ceiling was hit again and sovereign default loomed. Refusing to timely raise the debt ceiling, congressional ideologues have four times pushed our nation to the brink of a catastrophic debt default in as many years. Our struggling economy is again threatened, financial institutions are again spending millions planning for default, […]

Sexual Orientation Discrimination Under Title VII After Baldwin v. Foxx

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Baldwin v. Foxx opined—for the first time—that employment discrimination based on sexual orientation violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This Article tackles the two administrative law questions that Baldwin poses: what level of deference should a court afford Baldwin, and should such deference force that […]

Ultracrepidarianism in Forensic Science: The Hair Evidence Debacle

For over 130 years, scientific sleuths have inspected hairs under microscopes. Late in 2012, the FBI, the Innocence Project, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers joined forces to review thousands of microscopic hair comparisons performed by FBI examiners over several of those decades. The results have been astounding. Based on the first few […]