Profiteering Off Public Health Crises: The Viable Cure for Congressional Insider Trading

This article takes an approachable, forward-thinking, and academic dive into congressional insider trading in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. After a confidential briefing by the Senate Health Committee warned of COVID-19, massive stock sell-offs by members of Congress and their spouses suddenly ensued. Some senators even publicly disparaged COVID-19’s viral effects while their […]

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White Saviors

It is time for Washington and Lee University to drop both George Washington and Robert E. Lee from the University name. The predominantly White faculty at Washington and Lee recently announced that it will petition the Board of Trustees to remove Lee from the University name. This is the first time in Washington and Lee’s […]

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A Name Change May Be a Start, but It Is Not Enough

On August 9, 1865, just five days after Lee was installed as Washington College President,10 my third great-grandparents Robert and Emeline Parker signed their first labor contract as free people. Their written mark was recorded on an agreement to work on the same Mississippi plantation they were sold to by the school. That contract signifies […]

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