Volume 74:1

Hybrid Transactions and the Internet of Things: Goods, Services, or Software?
Stacy-Ann Elvy

Recasting Vagueness: The Case of Teen Sex Statutes
Cynthia Godsoe

Contracting Correctness: A Rubric for Analyzing Morality Clauses
Patricia Sánchez Abril & Nicholas Greene

Testation and the Mind
Adam J. Hirsch

Commercial Bribery: Choice and Measurement Within a Remedies Smorgasbord
Doug Rendleman

Dispersing the Cloud: Reaffirming the Right to Destroy in a New Era of Digital Property 
Daniel J. Martin

Examining Rule 11(b)(1)(N) Error: Guilty Pleas, Appellate Waiver, and Dominguez Benitez
Leanna C. Minix


Volume 74:2

The Next Iteration of Progressive Corporate Law
Matthew T. Bodie

The Separation of Corporate Law from Social Welfare
William W. Bratton

The Fiduciary Enterprise of Corporate Law
Christopher M. Bruner

Religious Conceptions of Corporate Purpose
Ronald J. Colombo

Corporate Officers as Agents
Deborah A. DeMott

Purposive Loyalty
Andrew S. Gold

Lyman Johnson’s Invaluable Contribution to Delaware Corporate Jurisprudence
Lawrence A. Hamermesh & Jack B. Jacobs

Shareholder Wealth Maximization as a Function of Statutes, Decisional Law, and Organic Documents
Joan MacLeod Heminway

Repugnant Business Models: Preliminary Thoughts on a Research and Policy Agenda
Claire A. Hill

Reflecting on Three Decades of Corporate Law Scholarship
Lyman Johnson

The Shrinking Scope of CSR in UK Corporate Law
Andrew Johnston

Between Sin and Redemption: Duty, Purpose, and Regulation in Religious Corporations
Brett H. McDonnell

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Personal Reflections on a Scholarly Career
David Millon

Corporate Law and Business Theory
Eric W. Orts

Corporate Governance as Moral Psychology
Alan R. Palmiter

Corporate Power is Corporate Purpose II: An Encouragement for Future Consideration from Professors Johnson and Millon
Leo E. Strine, Jr.

Confident Pluralism in Corporate Legal Theory
Robert K. Vischer

Effective Compliance with Antidiscrimination Law: Corporate Personhood, Purpose and Social Responsibility
Cheryl L. Wade

The Life (and Death?) of Corporate Waste
Harwell Wells

Civil Asset Forfeiture in Virginia: An Imperfect System
James Simon